Saipex Academy

Experienced trainers, tools, technological research and methodologies are the strengths of our training proposal.

The academy is based on 4 pillars:

  1. Expertise backed by experience.
  2. Usability of acquired expertise.
  3. Personalize the learning experience.
  4. Experiential Learning & Community
Saipex Academy

Expertise backed by experience

Know-how is an essential element in Saipex’s approach to various projects, including training.

This “know-how” acquired in the field allows you to have:

  1. teachers prepared in theory and competent in practical applications, equipped with a 360 ° expertise ranging from perfect mastery of specific issues to a methodological approach to the subject;

  2. a wealth of professional experiences focused, resolved, analyzed, codified and, subsequently adapted to training needs that become high quality content for an effective transfer of skills based on real needs.

Usability of acquired expertise

Saipex is strongly oriented towards guaranteeing its clients the usability at all times of the training expertise acquired:

  1. formal usability, through the issue of certification by internationally accredited bodies;
  2. an informal usability, through its authority built over the years of operation in the field, between:
    • projects developed and collaboration with high-profile clients;
    • constant R&D activity and constantly open dialogue with universities;
    • accreditation as an IECEx exam center.


Saipex’s client-oriented approach requires strong flexibility based on the real needs of companies, the labor market and professionals.

For companies, customization is offered on three distinct levels:

  1. Home training, offering companies theoretical lessons, workshops and exam sessions at their premises;

  2. Adaptation of contents, offering the possibility to modify educational content based on installations and machinery present in the company;

  3. Personalized training, building the training path directly with the client based on their internal needs.

For professionals, our Academy defines growth paths based primarily on the real expertise required by the sector, to promote and develop increasingly future-oriented professional profiles.

Experiential Learning & Community

First-hand experience is an essential factor in the process of consolidating acquired knowledge and building professional expertise.

Precisely for this reason, Saipex adopts, in its value creation processes, two of the strongly characterizing elements of experientiality: the workshop and the Community.

The workshop, activated in the Prato headquarters and in small part transportable, provides clients with a space in which to put into practice the concepts acquired.

The community, on the other hand, allows you to share experiences, doubts and high-value content even after the training provided.

The Scientific Direction ​

The ten-year experience of the two Saipex founders, both in the academic and professional fields, guarantees the Academy a constant research program, training and in-depth activities with high added value.

Orlando Borgia


In Saipex I am: A Founder

My role: Technical Assistance Business Unit Leader

What I do: Design, certification and operational safety of pressure equipment and systems.

The most important projects I have followed: Ten-year verification of the Lukoil Priolo Gargallo Refinery pipeline fleet | a Design Review of the Petrochemical Plants of Lukoil-Burgas, NextOil-Rotterdam, INA-Rejka, Technip-Duslo | Management of legal obligations of pressure plants in the Italian plants of Baker Hughes.

Lorenzo Schoepflin


In Saipex I am: A Founder

My role: Business Inspection Unit Leader

What I do: Inspections, hazardous area training, quality.

The most relevant projects I have followed: IECEx detailed inspections on major projects Nuovo Pignone Baker Hughes (ex GE).

Development of the Saipex Hazardous Area Competence Center | Coordination of the IECEx Training Program and teaching of the IECEx CoPC certification for Technician Installers and Inspectors.

Our Trainers

Cristian Ferri


At Saipex since: 2014

My role:
Product Safety Project Manager

What I do:

Design, Certification, Welding and Maintenance of pressure equipment and systems

The most relevant projects I have followed:

Material Selection and Welding Projects TAP – EVERDRUP – Yerevan | Design Review of INA-Rejka Petrochemical Plants | Project Inspector Corpus Christi | RCM Centro Olii Val D’Agri (ENI COVA).

Milena Lentis


At Saipex since: 2016

My role:
Product Safety Technical Leader

What I do:

Technical assistance in the field of the Machinery Directive and related Directives, Assistance in the field of safety in the workplace in accordance with T.U. 81/08.

The most relevant projects I have followed:

Drafting of Technical Dossiers of the Machinery Directive on Testing Plants for Nuovo Pinione | Technologies (Baker Hughes ex GE), pharmaceutical plants for F.I.S. Fabbrica italiana Sintetici (Termoli) and Progetto TAP (4 stations) | Technical assistance for risk analysis in accordance with EN 12100. Preparation of Gap Analysis in accordance with Annex V of T.U. 81/08 for machines and plants prior to the entry into force of the Product Directives.

Matteo Guerrieri


At Saipex since: 2014

My role:
Operation & Maintenance Project Manager

What I do:

Technical assistance in operation and management of legal audits pursuant to Art. 71 of Legislative Decree 81/08.

The most relevant projects I have followed:

Risk analysis on test benches Nuovo Pignone | Risk analysis and document expediting on 2SHM and 6SHM reciprocating compressor installation | verification of 45-year boilers Conserve Italia | PRT TAP heating system design support according to Raccolta R | Analysis of the state of conservation and efficiency of natural gas distribution pipes.

Elia Cherici


At Saipex since: 2017

My role:
Engineering Project Manager

What I do:

Structural design and verification of existing equipment. Fitness for service of existing equipment affected by damage. Stress analysis of piping circuits. Design by formula & Design by analysis.

The most relevant projects I have followed:

KT Casalborsetti Project – Preliminary design of the new Carbon Capture plant |Soffas new cogeneration plant via Lazzareschi |Soffass new cogeneration plant via di Leccio |Amiata Energia heat exchange plant revamping at Bagnore (GR) |Torch system integrity check at Centro Oli Trecate (NO) |Integrity check of pipes refinery ISAB Priolo Gargallo (SR).

Niccolò Magnelli​


At Saipex since: 2019

My role:
Operation & Maintenance Project Manager

What I do:

Maintenance Engineering Technical assistance in operation and management of legal audits pursuant to Art. 71 of Legislative Decree 81/08.

The most relevant projects I have followed:

PELM (Pressure Equipment Lifecycle Management) Project at Publiacqua Spa and Leonardo Global Solutions Spa | RCM of n°2 HPU units and item subsea ENI Angola FPSO N’Goma and Olombendo | FMEA extraction and treatment plant ENI GELA | ENI RAM analysis – Melehia JA0200.

Matteo Vincitorio​


At Saipex since: 2020

My role:
Asset Integrity Technical Leader

What I do:

Functional Safety maintenance engineering (Safety Integrity Level) in process and machinery according to EN 61508, EN 61511, EN 13849 Design and verification of pressure equipment.

The most relevant projects I have followed:

Analysis RAM extraction and treatment plant ENI COVA | FMEA extraction and treatment plant ENI GELA | Risk Based Inspection flow line ENI COVA, interconnecting lines Refinery ENI in Venice, interconnecting lines Refinery Versalis in Ravenna, piping and equipment distillation units Refinery Alma Petroli in Ravenna | SIL Calculation for testing systems for Nuovo Pignone Tecnologie (Baker Hughes ex GE) Fitness For Service of equipment and piping of Enel Green Power stations and geothermal power plants | Stress Analysis piping circuits for testing for Nuovo Pignone Tecnologie (Baker Hughes ex GE).

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