Quality Policy

Saipex sets as its fundamental goal that of satisfying the needs of its customers, being aware that it passes through that of all those involved in processes and activities that concern the provision of services by the company itself.
To this purpose, Saipex implements the company’s quality management system, in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001, which pivots on the following mutually dependent cornerstones.

  • Customer needs

    Saipex constantly works to ensure compliance with quality, time and cost requirements through constant monitoring of its performance in order to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its processes.

  • Human Resources Needs

    Saipex constantly works to encourage the active participation of all people involved in the provision of services, promoting their initiatives and guaranteeing their working well-being and adequate professional growth, thanks also to a specific training course linked to the aptitudes of each resource. Saipex recognizes in the value of human capital one of the main strengths to establish itself in the market.

  • Supplier Needs

    Saipex is aware of the strategic nature of its suppliers and therefore strives to create a relationship of mutual trust that facilitates collaboration, with a view to the provision of quality services.

  • Member's Needs

    Saipex is committed to monitoring its performance also in terms of economic and financial profitability, aware of the importance of giving value to itself and its investors.

  • Competence Center

    Saipex is aware that in order to establish itself in the market, it is necessary to be able to distinguish itself in the quality and value of its know-how. For this reason, Saipex is committed to timely updating about the technical, regulatory and legislative landscape that governs its field of activity, with the conviction that this is an important reason for investment.

  • Services Technical Innovation

    Saipex is committed to researching innovative solutions from a technological and digital perspective with the aim of developing its services with a view to efficiency and effectiveness. Such a scope represents a significant area of economic investment for Saipex with a view to growth in the medium to long term.