Our goal,
your growth.

Saipex srl is an engineering company oriented to services and solutions for manufacturers and users of equipment and systems under pressure and explosive atmospheres.

With ten years of experience in the sector, combined with the know-how and expertise of the team and constant Research and Development in the context of collaboration with the university, has allowed the development of a Business Unit that offers opportunities for professional growth thanks to advanced training services.

The academy


Hazardous Area



Saipex Academy

The training center in the field of pressure plants and equipment and installations in hazardous areas.

A professional growth platform that passionately addresses complex topics, offering high-profile training solutions to effectively contribute to the emancipation of its customers.

Educational paths and experiences are designed with the aim of enhancing and increasing:

  • understanding the complexity of problems;
  • awareness of existing solutions on the market;
  • the ability to choose and implement solutions with greater added value, for your specific business.

A 360° competence center on IECEx topics and explosive atmospheres.

In recent years, Saipex has developed expertise and gained experience in the field that has created value along the entire Hazardous Area supply chain (IECEx, EEHA and ATEX):

  • Training & Certification
  • Design Review and inspection
  • Research
  • Development of innovative platforms.

Hazardous Area
Competence Center

Academy Club

A space dedicated to the community (teachers, course participants, experts and partners) to keep the flame of professional growth alive even after the training opportunities offered.

The Club was founded with the aim of building a network of professionals who want to keep up to date on news and share moments of comparison and updating with a view to continuous learning.

The Club offers all those who have undertaken a qualification-oriented training course, occasions to confront and compare editorial content (such as webinars, round tables and in-depth meetings)as well as the results of daily activities carried out in the field by Saipex professionals.

To enter the Saipex Academy Club world, contact our team.